Bernd Ruehlicke

President, Eriksfiord Inc.
MBA (Finance), Houston-Victoria, USA.
Technical Advisor, Landmark Graphics.
Senior software developer, Landmark Graphics, Houston, USA.
Petrobank developer, PGS Data Management AS, Norway.
Software engineer and processing team leader, Z&S Geologi AS.
MSc (Mathematics), Aarhus, Denmark.
BSc (Computer Science), Aarhus, Denmark.

Bernd contributed to most of the geological applications modules of Recall® (Halliburton/Landmark) during his time at Z&S: Speed correction, interactive spherical statistics, geomechanical interpretation. As leader of the "numerical" team, he was ensuring a consistent high quality of commercial image processing. At PGS and Landmark, he built the interface between the Petrobank (Oracle) database and Recall, and worked as Dev-Lead on R&D projects such as the Java DecisionSpace® platform. Bernd is now developing the business of the Eriksfiord group in the Americas, and building specialized software to support our geology and geomechanics interpretation staff.

"Spherical statistics for paleocurrent and structural analysis, matrix algebra and quadratic forms in geomechanics. There are infinitely many interpretation methods waiting to be implemented by mathematicians who have the latest software development tools available. It gives me a thrill to make mathematics useful to my curious team-mates and demanding clients."
- Bernd Ruehlicke

Get to know Eigenvectors in Hall, M (2013): 52 Things You Should Know About Geology, p. 30