Eriksfiord presents “Taming the Thunder Horse with Axes and Vectors” Thursday October 28th, 11:30-13:00 @ Helios

In case you were looking for a great technical presentation at lunch time in Houston Westside, Bernd from Eriksfiord will present his paper on how to Tame the Thunder Horse with Axes and Vectors. This paper was selected amongst 20 best papers from the 2021 Annual SPWLA Symposium. It is an in-person meeting and registration has to be early due to security in the BP Helios building

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DEADLINE is already MONDAY the 25th of Oct, 2021 by end of business day.

Please also take the opportunity to register to the SPWLA-Houston Chapter which will make sure you will receive e-mail invitations to future seminars and lunch talks.

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