Database Services

We maintain your databases online, alternating with visits to your office in order to:

  1. Analyse your data structure and design new databases
  2. Prepare your log data for input to database

We were among the first to build specialized databases for well logs, and to implement government standards for archiving well log data.

We have worked with design, population, maintenance and security of large corporate databases since the early eighties, and continue to use the RECALL (Landmark, Halliburton) multiwell system for log databasing.

Our track record of successful database projects includes:

  • Moved 6 million curves from Petrovision and Geoquest to Petrobank
  • IP experience: Migrated of 450 image logs and associated interpretations from RECALL to IP
  • Populated RECALL database at Enterprise Italy using RECALL autoloader prototype
  • Mapping RECALL Well, Log and Curve header info records to Landmark OpenWorks for DLIS half link
  • Unstructured data handling with Documentum linking to PetroBank Archive Data Module
  • Specifying the loading of paper reports to PetroBank – including converting a non-Oracle SQL index database
  • Modifying RECALL datadictionary at client site to speed up and standardize log curve loading
  • Participated in PWLS (Practical Well Log Standards) POSC initiative and its realization within the RECALL dictionary
  • Using Landmark PowerHub middle-tier technology to create a WebService API to select and order well log data stored in PowerHub server databases such as OpenWorks, CDS (Corporate Data Store) or MDS (Master Data Store – otherwise known as PetroBank, backed by RECALL as bulk data storage for well log curves mirrored into MDS’s Oracle Index data