Vinland Software Suite®

To provide both fast and accurate interpretations of geomechanical observations in borehole images, we have designed a highly interactive software tool, Vinland Software Suite®. Vinland, which is platform independent, is under continuous development, to fit the needs of our geoscientists and the requirements of each new project.

Several oil company clients beta tested Version 0 for a 12-month period. Comments were overwhelmingly positive, such as “Vinland replaces several other software products”, “Vinland provides a solution extremely quickly”, “Vinland cannot crash”. We also received valuable suggestions for improvement, most of which were implemented in Version 1.0.

Vinland is available on licence to clients. Vinland can run on your desktop without any form of installation, avoiding any IT hassle. Please contact us for a demo followed by a 1-month free trial and user training.

Inital or major releases:

Inital download of Vinland Software Suite® is achieved via the secure Eriksfiord client space. It is login and password protected. If you already are a customer of Eriksfiord please login with your current credentials. First time Vinland users will have to sign a Software License Agreement. For new customers please contact Eriksfiord to gain access.

Updates to current releases are distributed via the Update Center within the Vinland Software Suite® itself.

Prices and terms

A first perpetual license (node-locked) for a specific computer costs USD 26000 plus an annual maintenance fee of USD 6500. The price for each subsequent license within the same organization is USD 17300 plus an annual maintenance fee of USD 4300.

A first perpetual license for any computer (floating) costs USD 39000 plus an annual maintenance fee of USD 7800. The price for each subsequent license within the same organization is USD 26000 plus an annual maintenance fee of USD 5200.

To get started, we propose a comprehensive 4 day training course (anywhere in the world) for up to 10 participants based on real datasets, for USD 9000 plus expenses.

Ask for alternative offer in EUR or NOK.

Prices as of 1. January 2020, subject to change without notice.

In order to test if Vinland meets your demands, we offer a 30 days full trial license. Please use the link below to request a free 30 day trial license, which will give you access to the software, test projects and video tutorials. Prior to the release of the software you will need to sign a Software Test License Agreement.

Another option is to visit one of our offices or allow us to give a life demonstration of its full capabilities at your offices.


A dedicated e-mail account is available for customers to submit suggestions for enhancements or new functionality. If a software bug has made its way into our code, please also use this e-mail to report the problem.

If you prefer to contact us via ordinary mail our address is found below.

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