Borehole Image Analysis

Borehole image analysis involves:

  • Identifying geological features within an image (fractures, trace fossils, bedding planes, cross-lamination, breakout, facies)
  • Measurement of the spatial distribution of planar and linear elements using stereographic displays
  • Projecting features along well trace so they can be compared with a seismic or 3D model.

Images are used to reorient cores and CT-scans as well as to evaluate borehole stability, to model fracture patterns, to detect faults, and to evaluate palaeo-geographical trends.

Eriksfiord offers excellent in-house competency and top expertise for authoritative processing of all types of commercial borehole image logs and legacy dipmeter logs. We process data from all main contractors (Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Weatherford, BPB), which can be derived from micro-resistivity, acoustic, density, gamma or other petrophysical readings of the borehole wall. Different tool types and technologies are used for different types of borehole fluids as well as well trajectories and diametres.