Christian Ottesen hands over the reins of the Denmark office.

Christian is enjoying a well-earned retirement after 18 years of managing Eriksfiord Aps in Copenhagen. From July 2022 the Denmark office is run by Johanne Paludan, who brings more than 25 years’ experience in the O&G industry. We of course continue to strive to provide the highest quality of service within the field of image […]

Eriksfiord publishes paper on CO2 storage

Eriksfiord publishes paper in International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Volume 119, September 2022, 103723 Impact of the lower Jurassic Dunlin Group depositional elements on the Aurora CO2 storage site, EL001, northern North Sea, Norway

Visit Eriksfiord’s booth @ 2022 SPWLA symposium in Stavanger June 11-15th

Welcome to our booths B11 & B12 at the 2022 SPWLA Annual Symposium in the Clarion Hotel Energy in Stavanger June 11-15th, 2022. Have a chat with our team members about how we as scientific partners to operators on the NCS have helped de-mystify the geology and geomechanics over the last 20+ years.  

Eriksfiord is presenting @ Fourth EAGE Borehole Geology Workshop 29th Sep, 2021, 14:05 CET

Have We Reached Fullwave Sonic P&S Wireline-Immunity Through LWD Advantages?      J. Haugestaul2, I. Nagy-Korodi2, Á. Spitzmüller2, A. Kallhovd3, J. P. Castagnoli3, D. Kumar3, B. Ruehlicke1* 1Eriksfiord; 2MOL Norge AS; 3Schlumberger   LWD Quadrupole as well as WL Dipole Fullwave Sonic data were acquired in the 8.5” reservoir section of a wellbore in the Norwegian continental […]

Eriksfiord GeoZoan as distinguished speaker at SPWLA

We are honored to have one of our GeoZoans be part of the 2021-22 SPWLA Distinguished Speaker group. Happy to share the value of Eigenvectors.   TAMING THE THUNDER HORSE WITH AXES AND VECTORS Paper Ref : SPWLA-2021-0008 Authors : Bernd Ruehlicke, Andras Uhrin, Zbynek Veselovsky, and Markus Schlaich (Eriksfiord) Speaker : Bernd Ruehlicke Abstract: […]