Eriksfiord is presenting @ Fourth EAGE Borehole Geology Workshop 29th Sep, 2021, 14:05 CET

Have We Reached Fullwave Sonic P&S Wireline-Immunity Through LWD Advantages?      J. Haugestaul2, I. Nagy-Korodi2, Á. Spitzmüller2, A. Kallhovd3, J. P. Castagnoli3, D. Kumar3, B. Ruehlicke1* 1Eriksfiord; 2MOL Norge AS; 3Schlumberger   LWD Quadrupole as well as WL Dipole Fullwave Sonic data were acquired in the 8.5” reservoir section of a wellbore in the Norwegian continental […]

Eriksfiord GeoZoan as distinguished speaker at SPWLA

We are honored to have one of our GeoZoans be part of the 2021-22 SPWLA Distinguished Speaker group. Happy to share the value of Eigenvectors.   TAMING THE THUNDER HORSE WITH AXES AND VECTORS Paper Ref : SPWLA-2021-0008 Authors : Bernd Ruehlicke, Andras Uhrin, Zbynek Veselovsky, and Markus Schlaich (Eriksfiord) Speaker : Bernd Ruehlicke Abstract: […]

Eriksfiord is presenting at Virtual Carbonate Forum 2021

  The Bajocian to Bathonian Dhruma Fm is discussed in outcrops of the Oman Mountains in the Sultanate of Oman. Similar to the Upper Mafraq Member (Schlaich et al. 2018), the Dhruma Fm represents deposits of a shallow-marine environment. It is dominated by carbonates and onlaps onto the Mafraq Fm from the northwest to the […]

Eriksfiord is with DNO @ 35th IAS Meeting of Sedimentology

Unravelling deltaic architecture using borehole image logs in the Brasse Field, North Sea Donatella Mellere, András Uhrin, Dagfinn Veiberg, Elisa Scagnetto, Zbyněk Veselovský The combination of core and borehole images was used for mapping the architecture of a reservoir composed of 10–20 m thick fourth-order sequences, which represent the cyclic development of river-dominated, tidally […]

Eriksfiord presents @ EAGE GET2020 conference November 2020

Look out for our presentation of the borehole image analysis workflow for geothermal exploration at the EAGE online conference 16-18 Nov: GET2020 – First Geoscience & Engineering in Energy Transition Conference

Eriksfiord co-author with Neptune Energy about Fenja Field, Norway

Eriksfiord published a paper about the Fenja Field, offshore Norway together with Neptune Energy. Jones GED, Welbon AIF, Mohammadlou H, Sakharov A, Ford J, Needham T and Ottesen C (2020) Complex stratigraphic fill of a small, confined syn-rift basin: an Upper Jurassic example from offshore Mid-Norway. Geological Society of London, Special Publications, 495,

Eriksfiord field trip Spain

Eriksfiord on top of it all! In this case Oligocene carbonates serving as outcrop analogues for borehole image studies.